When anticipation supersedes attainment, the artifice of desire becomes clear.

What a child’s heart does not redeem it condemns to a life of regret.

It is human nature to minimise the height from which one might fall by staying close to the ground.

Cruelty may be invited in by naïveté but it is only given shelter by indifference.

Darkness comes as we succumb to it, reluctantly and tinged with regret, forgetful each time of the perspective it brings to clear skied days, straddled mercifully as if at the hand of some macabre bargain, to the back of every black cloud threatening deluge.

The summation of a person’s worth is not what they have received but what they have given of themselves.

What we fear is not the thing itself but our naïveté if the thing, ready to devour us, unsuspectingly and defencelessly whole.

The only way to know if two solitudes will survive is for their wildernesses to become entangled.